BioComplex Collastin Concentrate 30ml
BIOCOMPLEX Collastin Lotion Specific lotion enriched by phyto-collagen with a firming action. The special active agents increase the quantity of collagen to provide skin with suppleness, healthy appearance and vitality. Collasting lotion can be used as very good preparation and support for intensive or specific treatments, helping the skin maintaning the proper moisture and nourishment. Yeast Extract Horsetail Extract Lecithin Phytocollagen (Faex) – It has (Equisetum Arvense) – It is high in vegetal silica and and is useful for improving circulation, as well as boosting and rejuvenating the connective tissue – the foundation of skin. – Protects against dryness and provides good skin feeling. – It helps maintain the suppleness, elasticity and proper nourishment of the skin pH: 5,0/6,0 stimulating and activating effect on cell metabolism by means of an increased production of ATP, the most important energy source of the cells. The cell’s vitality is improved. Apply a few drops of the lotion, using the syringe, and tap gently with fingertips until complete absorption. All skin types, particularly suitable for mature, de-hydrated and atrophic skin.

Please note this is a prescription only skincare line – please request a consultation for first time buyers. 


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