Biofiller Super 8 Perfecting Cream 50ml
Ideal for all skin types, especially skin wrinkles & expression furrows, sagging of facial features and loss of volume at the cheeks • A Dermo-cosmetic filling effect cream. • Highly concentrated special luxurious cream composed of 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid which work together with special natural vegetal ingredients in 6 Synchro Synergies for an immediate recompacting effect. HOW IT WORKS RESULTS: It has instant lifting effect, increases skin elasticity and protects skin structure. • HYALURONIC ACID 8 SUPER STAR HA in 6 SYNCHRO SYNERGIES: 8HA COMPLEX Filler-Repulping: VLMW HA, VDC HA Filler Capsules Regenerating: Infinite Crosslinked HA Protective/Defence: LMW HA, Infinite Crosslinked HA Uplift Skin: VDC HA Filler Capsules Barrier/Moisturizing: TR Longlast HA, Infinite Crosslinked HA, Extra VLMW HA, HMW HA Pollution Block: 2 types HA synergy – LMW Adhesive HA + Extra VLMW HA • COLLAGEN MARINE Re-densifying, moisturizing • CALCIUM KETO GLUCONATE Regenerating, stimulation of HA and elastin production • ALGAE & PULLULAN Lifting effect DIRECTIONS FOR USE In the morning and/or at night, apply on face and neck, massaging until completely absorbed. Best to be used together with BioFiller Super 8 Perfecting Serum. PRODUCT PLUS 0% parabens, mineral oils, silicon, alcohol Content: 50ml FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY

Please note this is a prescription only skincare line – please request a consultation for first time buyers. 


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