Pure Camomile Paste 30ml
Cosmetic effective ingredients: zinc oxide, aluminum stearate, laminaria saccharina ex., vitamin A, arthemis nobilis, cynaria scolymus ex., lavandula angustifolia ex., laminaria saccharina, taraxacum officinalis ex. Pasty mask based on zinc oxide with a refreshing, astringent and antibacterial action for oily skin in presence of acne. It calm the sensitive skin. It also reduces the spots.   PURE LINE IS SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED TO COMBAT ALL CONCERNS WITH ACNE PRONE SKIN. The pure line cleansers and skin care products help rebalance the hydro-lipid connector and have a deep moisturizing action.   Recommended For: Oily and Acne Skin.

Please note this is a prescription only skincare line – please request a consultation for first time buyers. 


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