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All things Needling

We have been lucky enough to have the amazing Paul Carbis in the clinic training us on all things Needling.

Paul is a hard man to pin down, but an offer of a training holiday in Wanaka was hard to turn away. (and of course, training us).

Paul and his beautiful wife Julie (owner of House of Beauty Medi Spa in Wellington), spent the day with us. Out of all of the needling training we have done, this by far was the most interesting and in-depth.

Paul really knows his skin and needling. He is experienced with a number of different needling devices and has worked on various skincare formulas. He now travels doing his dermal needling training and business advice workshops.

During our training day with Paul, we learnt new ways to remove pigmentation with needling, how to needle hyaluron into lips for that plump filler look lasting around 20 days. New techniques for Collagen induction and Pauls theory behind these techniques – why with his way of needling we achieve results faster.

We also learned needling for scarring – deep body scars and acne scarring. We can also target deep lines with an, specially designed needle by Paul. We also asked him around 1 million questions and really picked his brain – he could answer them all!

Micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin. A device with fine needles creates tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body to create new collagen and elastin. Results can include improved texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, and stretch marks. A tailored serum is needled into your numb skin, followed by a cooling collagen mask.

Come in for a skin consultation so we can make a plan for you. Let us use our new needling skills to get the long term skin health results you are after. 


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