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Why we love that Snail Slime!

I am sure you have all by now, read about the organic snail slime I wrote about.

It has been a hot topic in the salon, and we are forever laughing over the man whose job is ‘full time snail massager’. I am going to explain the active ingredients in the Bio Repair range that help to achieve these results.

Key Ingredients:

  • Biotechnological Highly Coherent Water (I like to call it BT Water) – What makes the Bio Repair range stand out, is that its base is not your plain Jane (sorry neighbour Jane) distilled water (distilled water is used in most cosmetics). Rather it uses BT water as its base, which is the same as the water that is in our skin and therefore it can easily be accepted by our cells. This means all of the other fancy ingredients can actually be easily absorbed, as the carrier can penetrate through the skin cell walls to get where it is needed.
  • Snail Extract (Helix Aspersa Muller) – or ‘snail excretion’ as half of Wanaka will know it. If you have been to Ukiyo Salon and have seen my lovely friend and stylist Mikaela you would have heard about it – she swears by it. You may have read my previous blog about this, but in short it stimulates the production of fibroblasts, these guys are the ones that produce collagen and elastin, giving firmness and elasticity to the skin. Accelerating next level tissue repair is what this excretion is all about.
  • Organic Astaxantin – I know, fancy word you can’t really pronounce…. basically, this guy is “The King of Carotenoids” so we will call him a HE. He is the Big Dog of powerful antioxidants, one of the strongest found in nature, and he never converts into a free radical which a lot of antioxidants can once they have done their job. These free radical guys are bad news when it comes to your skin cells because, essentially, free radicals can damage the skins defensive barrier harming the cells. Organic Astaxantin is 10x more powerful than Beta-Carotene and 1000x stronger than Vitamin E – This King would win the fight any day.
  • MW Cross Linked Hyaluronic  – This is different from your plain old hyaluronic you will find in most serums and cosmetics. In short, Hyaluronidase is a bad ass who floats around breaking down your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid. It is caused by UV exposure, inflammation and sun damage. Hyaluronic acid is the one who keeps your cells plump and hydrated and works hard to stop the bad ass taking over. This cross linked hyaluronic has an even stronger protection shield and is way tougher than your stock standard hyaluronic.

The aim of this range is to repair the barrier, reduce inflammation, reduce redness, repair scarring and burns. I personally in clinic have had the best results with healing and strengthening client’s skins with the following issues:

  • Sensitivity due to overuse of active skin care – this can result in the skin thinning and becoming stressed. Sensitivity can present as redness, reactions to skin care, underlying bumps on the skin, rashes and dry patches. It is a more common issue than you think. That is where I think back to all of the times in my career when I have been pushed to get clients on to active skin care ranges, regular peels and in general stripping the skin to get perfection. I have learnt with experience it does work but only for a certain amount of time until your skin decides enough is enough and sensitivity appears. I now work with the philosophy of nourishing your skin and its barrier. When it is healthy enough we can do peels etc. to encourage new cell activity, but only when it is ready!
  • Eczema – in both adult skin and baby skin. Most that use the Bio repair serum will notice the skin calms and hydrates fairly quickly. I am a little bit addicted to putting it on our own 15month old. I have been using this serum on her from 6months, when her eczema flares up from the chlorine in the swimming pool, or even sometimes just from her bath with the chemicals that are added to our water locally.  9 times out of 10 she will wake up and the eczema has calmed right down. Whereas if I don’t put it on it will be a dry, risen rash all over her body for a few days.
  • Burn victims – we have been having absolutely amazing results with one of our youngest clients yet. This range was formulated and is mainly sold to burn units and plastic surgeon clinics all over Europe. It helps to restore and thicken the skin while repairing the scar tissue.

In this range we have a gentle enzyme peel, serum, moisturizer and a mask that we use in clinic after needling and IPL. This range is also a great one to start using if you are thinking of having IPL treatments, skin needling, or peels. Strong skin reacts the best to more invasive treatments – therefore you are getting the best long-term results and bang for your buck!


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